Glossary of Financial Terms

Glossary of Financial Terms

By APA Member Services, On November 17, 2016

Accounts Receivable: Money owed to you by clients or other payers for services you have performed. Accounts Receivable is a current asset that can be found ...

Making the Most of Your Accountant

Making the Most of Your Accountant

By APA Member Services, On November 17, 2016

Many practitioners rely on their accountants' expertise for generating financial statements and preparing tax returns. Yet some psychologists may not take full advantage of the range ...

Computer and tablet

A list of new Telemental Health Apps, their specifications, and the potential costs and benefits.

Things to consider when engaging this new platform for therapy.

Learn how Electronic Health Records work and the benefits they provide for psychologists in professional practice.

State Licensure

Licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction. Find resources that provide general information.

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Legal and Regulatory Compliance

This link/section addresses the numerous laws and regulations psychologists must comply with and other legal issues not directly related to health care.

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HIPAA Compliance

These resources help psychologists know the steps they need to take to comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

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