Celebrating Women of Color in Psychology

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  • Apr. 28-May 11, 2018 | Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland

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APA Marches for Science

The APA participated in the March for Science, in April, and continues its advocacy efforts through the APA Science Directorate.

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The March Advocacy
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Dementia and Age-Related Cognitive Change

The following guidelines were developed for psychologists who perform evaluations of dementia and age-related cognitive change.

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Practice Guidelines for LGB Clients

The guidelines are intended to inform the practice of psychologists and to provide information for the education and training of psychologists regarding LGB issues.

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Guidelines for Assessment of and Intervention with Persons with Disabilities

To work effectively with people who have disabilities, psychologists need to become familiar with how disability influences a client’s psychological wellbeing and functioning.

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