06 Jul 2017

Practice Health Metrics

Practices of any size need to be viable (whether for- or not for-profit) to serve the community. It is essential to track and understand basic metrics to make day-to-day decisions about the practice and to facilitate strategic planning. Assuring the overall health of the practice enables you to provide innovative patient care and service delivery. During this presentation you will learn about:

• Types of measures (accounts receivables, referral patterns, productivity, etc.)
• Keeping it simple, pertinent and doable
• Using a dashboard
• Loss prevention
• Improving patient care
• Strategic planning

Learning Objective 1
Participants will be able to describe different types of practice metrics.

Learning Objective 2
Participants will be able to analyze basic practice metrics.

Learning Objective 3
Participants will be able create or modify a strategic plan based on practice metrics.

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman has been in independent practice for over 35 years in solo practice and as founding and managing partner of an inter-disciplinary multi-site group. Dr. Zimmerman is a founding partner of The Practice Institute, LLC. He is President of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Division 29. Dr. Zimmerman is co-author of The Ethics of Private Practice: A Guide for Mental Health Clinicians. He is co-editor of a soon to be released book entitled the Handbook of Private Practice: Keys to Success for Mental Health Practitioners and is Editor of Practice Innovations, the journal of Division 42.

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