17 Jul 2017

Leading and Managing People and Processes

Some leaders and managers focus primarily on the process, task, or mission.  Others focus on the people. Which is best? The military phrase: “Mission First, People Always” says it well.  To be effective, those in charge must focus on both.  Obviously the mission must be accomplished, therefore, the process is important.  However, people complete the processes and ensure the mission is accomplished. Leaders and managers must have a dual focus. Communication and leadership expert John A. Kline, PhD, shares from his experience of managing and leading groups with a handful of people to organizations of thousands.

Learning Objective
Comprehend the importance of maintaining a dual focus on people and processes.

John Kline, PhDPresenter
John A. Kline, (PhD, Iowa 1970) was a college professor, then from 1975-2000 the Air Force expert in Communication and Leadership. In 1986 he achieved Civilian (SES) status equivalent to a two-star general. From 1991 until 2000 he was the Air University Provost with responsibility for faculty, academic programs, libraries, technology, budget and support of 50,000 resident and 150,000 distance-learning students annually. Kline has written several books and many published articles, and is now the Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Director of the Troy University Institute for Leadership Development. He focuses on servant leadership and seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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