30 Jan 2017

How Did You Get That Job? A Q&A with Health Policy Consultant Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey

Want to use your psychological background and training to inform and guide lawmaking? If so, you should consider a job in policy consulting.

APA member Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey, PhD, leveraged her skills into a chief consultant job for the California State Legislature. Find out how you too can use your own psychological expertise to land a similar job.


Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey is the Chief Policy Consultant to the California State Assembly Committee on Business and Professions. She and her staff analyze legislation that impacts hundreds of thousands of licensed professionals throughout California and makes policy recommendations to legislators. Prior to her promotion to Chief Consultant, she worked as a principal consultant to the Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development and as a health policy consultant to the office of Senator Curren D. Price, Jr. 



Dr. Garth A. Fowler is an Associate Executive Director for Education, and the Director of the Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Education and Training at APA. He leads the Directorate’s efforts to develop resources, guidelines, and policies that promote and enhance disciplinary education and training in psychology at the graduate and postdoctoral level.

This webinar series is based on, and borrows its name, How Did You Get That Job?, from the popular column in APA’s monthly member-magazine, The Monitor on Psychology.  You can read Dr. Clark Harvey's interview from the January 2017 issue here. The magazine is a benefit of membership with APA.

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