30 Jan 2017

Game: Blockman Maze

Blockman needs your help to escape the maze where he is trapped. Guide him through the maze, picking up hammers, keys, and maps along the way to make it possible for you to get out of the maze. Blockman only has 70 seconds to get out of the maze, but you can pick up clocks to add to your escape time along the way.


- Press the enter key to begin your journey through the maze.
- Use arrow keys to direct Blockman.
- Walking over clocks will add to your escape time.
- Walking over a map book will show you the entire maze from above; press enter key to return to main screen.
- Walking over a hammer allows you to use it to break walls; press enter key to use each hammer once.
- Walking over a key allows you to open locked red doors; if you have a key and touch a locked door, it will open.
- Find the maze’s locked escape door in less than 70 seconds and you win!

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