06 Oct 2016

Emerging Career Paths for Research Psychologists

This 30-minute webinar discusses ways in which research psychologists like you have broadened their career options by taking the path less traveled.

Learn more about:
• Thinking beyond as “academic” vs. “non-academic”
• Opportunities to support psychological science and conduct research
• Practical tips, like skills assessment, coaching, and networking
• How to “test drive” a career

…and more!

Presenter Bio:

Amber L. Story, PhD, is the Executive Associate Director for Scientific Affairs within the Science Directorate of APA. Story earned her PhD in Social Psychology from Cornell University and then served as a post-doctoral research scholar on an NIMH training grant at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. She served on the faculty of the University of South Carolina-Aiken and the George Washington University, where she studied self- and social judgments, and the factors that influence accuracy and bias in those judgments.

Moderator Bio:

Garth A. Fowler is an Associate Executive Director for Education, and the Director of the Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Education and Training at APA. He leads the Directorate’s efforts to develop resources, guidelines, and policies that promote and enhance disciplinary education and training in psychology at the graduate and postdoctoral level. He has served as a consultant for universities and research institutions on program development and assessment, creating learning outcome for graduate and postdoctoral training, creation of career and professional development resources, submitting federal training grants, and teaching responsible conduct of research.

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