07 Jun 2017

How to Create and Implement a Vision for Your Practice

Creating a vision is essential for the decision-making that follows as you develop your practice. This webinar focuses on how to create such an over-arching vision and how to use it to guide both clinical and practice/administrative decisions. During this presentation you will learn the following:

• why a vision statement is important
• types of vision statements
• tips for creating your vision
• making your vision real - inside and out
• using vision and values to guide clinical/practice decisions.

Learning Objectives 1
List the advantages of having a practice vision.

Learning Objectives 2
Describe the central elements of a vision statement.

Learning Objectives 3
Write their own practice vision.

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman has been in independent practice for over 35 years in solo practice and as founding and managing partner of an inter-disciplinary multi-site group. Dr. Zimmerman is a founding partner of The Practice Institute, LLC. He is President of the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Division 29. Dr. Zimmerman is co-author of The Ethics of Private Practice: A Guide for Mental Health Clinicians. He is co-editor of a soon to be released book entitled the Handbook of Private Practice: Keys to Success for Mental Health Practitioners and is Editor of Practice Innovations, the journal of Division 42.

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