01 Aug 2017

APA 2016 Annual Report

APA 2016 Annual Report

As a psychologist and valued member of APA, your success depends on factors that go beyond your own hard work and expertise. You also need representation on the critical issues facing all of psychology in this time of uncertainty and change. You need access to tools and resources that help you keep pace with the developments in the field. With new leadership and a renewed focus on making your membership more relevant, APA offers what you need and is meeting the promise of our mission—to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.

As APA’s new CEO, I am pleased to announce the availability of the 2016 APA Annual Report, which reflects the excellent work and accomplishments of APA in 2016. In prior years, the APA Annual Report was mailed to you in hard copy, but now it is in digital format and conveniently accessible anytime and anywhere, with interactive features and videos. A short, downloadable pdf featuring highlights of the digital report is also available on the APA website.

The past year has brought both progress and accomplishments, and we think you’ll especially enjoy reading about these achievements in the report:

• The year in review, including the many ways APA supported its mission by educating the public about mental health and psychology’s scientific basis and by advocating for key federal policies and legislation
• The top initiatives APA delivered for psychology and psychologists in science, practice, public interest and education through its publications and databases, value-added products and national and international programs
• The APA treasurer’s report and financial statements

I hope you’ll delve into the details of this report to learn how APA made an impact in 2016 in ways that support your career, advance psychology and improve people’s lives.

Arthur C. Evans, Jr., PhD
Chief Executive Officer
American Psychological Association

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