28 Mar 2017

Business Fundamentals for Psychologists Booklet

Business Fundamentals for Psychologists Booklet

Psychologists bring unique skills and insights to almost every aspect of business, in industries ranging from health care to technology to manufacturing. Yet many psychologists may be unsure of how to apply their expertise effectively in a business career. This primer on business fundamentals is designed to provide a basic understanding of key business functions and to help you explore opportunities to expand your value as a professional.

Topics covered:

  • Help your organization overcome challenges around operational and cultural issues involving human interaction.
  • Planning and budgeting tasks related to projects and programs.
  • Management responsibilities including hiring staff, assessing performance, training, and team building.
  • Undertaking research and data analysis to develop key information and insights regarding, for example, customer behavior, product design, use of technology, or the benefits and trade-offs of process improvement.

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One thought on “Business Fundamentals for Psychologists Booklet

  1. Dear APA team,

    For many years I have been a practicing psychologist. I’ve really loved the behavioural elements that permeate throughout every part of every business course I’ve taken, and my success to date, is most definitely attributed to my abilities as a naturally interested and developmental human psychologist.

    I would like to know how to best further engage myself within this wonderful field so I may guide more people and organizations to greatness.

    One of my thoughts had been to build a stronger academic foundation, even though I do teach in University Management Strategy and Facilitation & Negotiation programs.

    Thank you for your support,


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