18 Oct 2016

APA Resource Roundup: Student Debt

APA Resource Roundup: Student Debt

APA provides a variety of online resources for members struggling with student debt. Below are suggested starting points for graduate students and early career psychologists looking for guidance and help.

For Graduate Students

  • Budgeting

Determine which graduate program is right for you by exploring our Resources for Students. This page is a jumping-off point to helpful tips on applying to graduate school, finding a program that best fits your needs, and paying for it.

Consult the APAGS Toolkit for Affording and Repaying Graduate School. This toolkit provides a wealth of resources, including factsheets, infographics, articles, and other helpful links. It focuses on four key areas: education costs and affordability; aid, grants and funding opportunities; loan repayment and forgiveness; and financial fitness.

Review the Debt We Carry factsheet to learn more about how to budget for graduate school and what to expect financially on graduation.

  • Scholarships

Explore APAGS’ Scholarships, Grants and Awards page to see all of the funding resources APA has to offer. Each year, APAGS offers a variety of grants and scholarships to help fund student research and education.

  • Loan Repayment

Take a peek at APAGS’ Sampling of Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Programs. This list highlights repayment and forgiveness programs you might otherwise overlook.

  • Financial Wellness

Check out APAGS’ gradPSYCH Blog, which offers a range of interesting content for members struggling to manage their financial situation and looking to make the most of their graduate education.

For Early Career Psychologists

  • Funding

Browse the APA’s Funding and Grants for Early Career Psychologists page, which has resources that could help support your education or future research.

  • Financial Wellness

Download the members-only Financial Planning document and gain valuable insight on everything from repaying student loans to planning for retirement.

For Everyone

  • Financial Wellness

Learn how to manage economic stress and stay resilient in tough economic times, talk to your children about the economy, and have a budget-friendly summer. The APA’s Money page offers additional tips for managing your money and stress.

Read the Monitor on Psychology, APA’s monthly magazine.  Articles such as “The Big Payoff”, “Got Debt?”, and “The Debt Trap” place the student debt landscape in perspective and offer pointers on paying off student loans.

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