Jeremy Wolfe

Understanding How We See Things

APA Fellow Jeremy Wolfe's research considers how people use sight to process information that's out there in the world. Wolfe's latest research studies some of the limitations on our ability to see what's in front of us, specifically problems that arise when people are tasked with looking for “rare events,” or things they are not likely to find.

"There are really profound limits on the human search engine," Wolfe says.

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Faith Doughty Testimonial
Being an APA member has enhanced my sense of self community and belonging in the psychology field. APA has given me the opportunity to meet such a diverse population of people.
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Chi-Ching Chuang Testimonial
I enjoy the connection/network within APA. As a student affiliate, it also provides lots of resources and support. It opens my perspectives in the field of psychology, including advocacy, social justice and policy.
Chi-Ching Chuang / Student Affiliate

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