Should You Save or Invest?

Should You Save or Invest?

By bhoyt, On March 20, 2017

For every professional just getting started in his or her career, one of the earliest financial hurdles to clear is the savings versus investing argument. While ...

Mentoring Opportunities at APA

Mentoring Opportunities at APA

By kcarter, On March 15, 2017

Mentorship is mutually beneficial. Mentees enjoy the advantage of their mentors’ experience, support and encouragement, and mentors may experience an increase in research productivity and enhanced ...

Norweeta Milburn

Helping Prevent Teenage Homelessness

Leading community psychologist and APA Fellow Norweeta Milburn, PhD, thinks she may have developed a surprisingly simple intervention: She is teaching teenagers and their families how to fight fair.

"The intervention is devised so that young people can argue with their parent or guardian in a more effective way so that they don’t have to leave home. We’re teaching them how to communicate better," she said.

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Faith Doughty Testimonial
Being an APA member has enhanced my sense of self community and belonging in the psychology field. APA has given me the opportunity to meet such a diverse population of people.
Faith Doughty / Student Affiliate
Chi-Ching Chuang Testimonial
I enjoy the connection/network within APA. As a student affiliate, it also provides lots of resources and support. It opens my perspectives in the field of psychology, including advocacy, social justice and policy.
Chi-Ching Chuang / Student Affiliate

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Division meetings provide an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues who share your professional interests.

APA’s 54 divisions are interest groups organized by members. Some represent subdisciplines of psychology (e.g., experimental, social or clinical) while others focus on topical areas such as aging, ethnic minorities or trauma.

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